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Our Filing Solutions

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  • 3-Ring Binder - Ideal  for all types of manuals, training materials, seminar documents, convention  hand-outs
  • 3-Ring Binders
  • 3-Ring Binders
  • Desk Organizer - Used for sorting documents prior to review and sign-off e.g., numerous checks with voucher attachments, or employment:promotion papers
  • Dividers - Organize contents with the use of indexed boards for topic subdivisions
  • Dividers
  • Document Filer - Original document filer in hardbound pasteboard material. For safekeeping and storage of original documents like Titles and Stock Certificates
  • Document Filer
  • EDP Binder - Computer printout binder
  • Fan-shaped Sorter - Effective pre-file tool for sorting documents by pre-determined systems i.e., dates, series or departments. It may be fabricated in 10, 25, 20 or 25 compartments
  • Flexifilers - Stand for magazines, catalogues, periodicals, journals
  • Flexifilers
  • Flexitube Binder
  • Level Arch Binder -  Document  binder for transactions and files that expand in content volume and  sub-divisions
  • Level Arch Binder - Lever arch mechanism ensures quick retrieval of documents and  expansion of sub-titles
  • Level Arch Binder
  • Personnel 201 binder with flexible tube mechanism for indexed dividers and expanding files  volume
  • Stor-all Box - Stacking containers 4-5 levels for long term archiving of documents. With labeling provision, files are quickly retrieved for important future audits and paper trail
  • Stor-all Boxes - Highly recommended for economic, systematic and prolonged archive filing
  • Stor-all Boxes
  • Transfer File - For systematic referencing and auditing of archived files
  • Transifile  - Organizer. Stationary:Forms Classifier. Utility Shelves
  • Transifile
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